Project Gallery

Below is a list of notable projects I've done. It isn't an exhaustive list, but it does include projects I felt were worth mentioning. [ Web App ]

My online portfolio. A place to tell a little bit about myself and show off a little of what I can do.

Code Stash [ Web App ]

Store your unused redemption codes for secure sharing, giveaways, etc.

Secret Santa [ Web App ]

A client wanted a simple, custom-built app for drawing "Secret Santa" names for their family.

Quick Tags [ Script ]

It injects a menu in your Intercom sidebar with a list of tags. Clicking on one of the tags will automatically insert the tag for you into the chat.

Game Deals [ Bot ]

A bot that scrapes r/GameDeals on Reddit every 15min to see if any FREE things have been posted. It then queries the database for a list of all items that have not been posted, creates an embed, and posts all unannounced deals into Discord.

Hope Chapel RSVP [ Web App ]

Custom RSVP system for a local church.

FSB Back-End [ API ]

Private API to handle user licensing, spam prevention, and application statistics

Firestone Front-End [ Web App ]

Website for housing the changelog, stats, and documentation for Firestone Idle Bot [ Web App ]

URL Shortener with basic stat tracking.

Blockchain Journal [ Web App ]

Proof of concept for a Twitter like micro-journal using blockchain technology

Firestone Idle Bot [ Bot ]

Sophisticated Idle Bot to automate playing the game "FireStone Idle RPG"