Who or what is div0ky?

div0ky (pronounced div-oh-key) is an alias derived from the Slovak word divoký. It means fierce, wild, savage, ferocious, violent, or rough. It began as a gamer tag in 2014 and evolved into an identity.

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Aaron J. Spurlock

Aaron J. Spurlock

I'm a Web/Software Developer

I’m a Software Developer, Gamer, and Dad near St. Louis, MO. I’m passionate about processes and the people they affect. I enjoy making applications & automations that effectively improve those processes and, in turn, people's lives.

Apart from being a software developer, I've worked in IT for many years, and even did freelance web developing for a while. I can usually be found working on projects in Python, brushing up on my JavaScript skills, playing a game with some friends, or hanging with my wife & daughter.

I enjoy the outdoors and am trying to teach my daughter to live an active, healthy lifestyle by modeling it for her. I enjoy board games, office supplies, spreadsheets, and I have a weird obsession with timers.

Languages and Tools
Flask MySQL PyCharm
Latest Projects
div0ky.com [ Web App ]

My online portfolio. A place to tell a little bit about myself and show off a little of what I can do.

Code Stash [ Web App ]

Store your unused redemption codes for secure sharing, giveaways, etc.

Secret Santa [ Web App ]

A client wanted a simple, custom-built app for drawing "Secret Santa" names for their family.